UPDATE: Thank you for all of your comments and concerns regarding this article. By no means do I believe this is joking matter and it was not my intention to make fun of a very serious issue.

As a matter of fact, a very similar tactic was used earlier this week in Texas. The New York Post says the Kaufman Police Department posted 10 "goofy" selfies of a woman who was wanted for aggravated robbery and child endangerment in hopes of capturing her. The idea was to capture the public's attention and expedite the search. They still have yet to capture her.

Thankfully, Joshua D. Schindler has been captured and is in police custody.


When it comes to urgent matters, sometimes you have to work with what you got.

Ever suffer from a leak during that time of the month but you didn't have feminine products? You probably used some folded up napkins.

Maybe you went camping and forgot to bring a lighter; how did you build a fire? Chances are, rubbed two sticks together.

Problem solving is all about thinking outside the box; or in the Beloit Police Department's case, thinking outside the cell...the jail cell.

The department was in urgent need of help tracking down an alleged sex offender but all they had at the time they began their search was this selfie of the subject.

They obviously received some criticism to the post and their response makes perfect sense, "Yes we know it isn't the best, but it is important to have a ballpark idea of what he looks like as that is better than nothing."

It didn't take much longer for the department to verify a photo of the suspect they were looking for and they were able to get a much better photo.

According to the post, the man they're looking for is 29-year-old Joshua D. Schindler; he's wanted for first degree sexual assault of a child. He is described as 6'2 320lbs with brown hair and green eyes; and he could be driving a maroon Buick.



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