While many have great memories of playing there, maybe it's a good thing it will be torn down. Nobody wants a splinter like this.

Oregon Republican Reporter

For almost 30 years, kids & parents have enjoyed Project P.L.A.Y. (Play Leads to Active Youth) outside Oregon Elementary School.

After months of fundraising, including a Pennies for the Playground drive at the elementary school, hundreds of volunteers converged on the school grounds on Oct. 11 through 15, 1989, for a 5-day build to put it all together. (saukvalley.com)

Oregon Republican Reporter

The walkways, slides and castle-like towers were perfect ways to feed children's imaginations. But being made of wood combined with it's age, it has deteriorated to a point beyond repair. The sound of laughing children has been replaced with crying children. According to saukvalley.com, too many splinters and other injuries have led to it's demise.

Here's some good news to take away the sadness that Project PLAY playground is going away. Oregon School District Superintendent Tom Mahoney wants your suggestions on how to replace the playground. You can reach Tom at 815-732-5300 or tmahoney@ocusd.net, or stop by the district office, 206 S. 10th St..