A lot of places are opening up in Phase 4. Parents can finally feel some sense of relief that they don't have to keep their kids entertained all day every day.

Well, the days of letting the kids blow off some steam at the playground are back, but with some new rules.

You obviously want to keep your kid as safe and healthy as possible while still having some fun, and Rockford totally gets that. If you want some help explaining to your kids how the playground will be a little different, you've got some help.

Check out this tweet from Rockford Parks on how to "Play it Safe" -

So here's their tips -

  • If you're feeling sick, stay home
  • If you can't social distance while on the equipment, wear your mask.
  • Wash your hands before you play.
  • Sanitize your hands during and after play.

Like any other parent, you want your kids safe. So if you're going to take them to a playground, make sure you follow social distancing guidelines.

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