Here's a job you can truly relish. Get it?

Sorry, not my joke. How well you handle hot dog related puns and jokes will probably be a required part of the job if you were a Weinermobile driver.

So if you've got weiner puns for days, that's good, because Oscar Mayer announced they're looking for Hotdoggers, i.e. folks who want to drive the iconic Weinermobile all over the country.

Oscar Mayer is now accepting applications through January 31 of 2019.

If chosen, you'll start cruising the Weinermobile across the US in June. According to the job description, you'll receive a "competitive salary, plus expenses, benefits, and clothing" while driving "a company car guaranteed to turn heads."

For a list of requested qualifications, go HERE.

If you feel you can cut the mustard (my joke, not theirs) Oscar Mayer wants you to send your resume to Verona, Wisconsin.

In case you're wondering, Verona, is about 90 minutes north of Rockford. If in fact, you'll be stationed out of Verona, that wouldn't be too bad of a hike to drive such an iconic car, erm mobile.

You can also send email Oscar Mayer your resume. Just send it to

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