If you think it's too much work to fake sick instead of just asking for the day off, you're one of the few.

A new study from Zippia surveyed 2000 people to ask them how they get out of work.

The results are pretty surprising. 55% of people in Illinois call in sick just to play hooky.

Illinois is the 16th most "calling in sick" state in the country.


"Actually sick" was the biggest reason for calling off, with "mental health day" coming in the second spot.

It makes sense in 2020, to really call off when sick. It makes even less sense now to use the excuse as "sick" when you're really not ill. Just guessing, but with the current environment, calling off sick would set off all sorts of alarms with management, staff, and the rest of your workplace.

The other reasons people called off sick were "not sick, but don't feel good," "doctor appointments," "tired," and my personal favorite "I just don't want to go to work."

Just over the border, Wisconsin ranked as the lowest for calling in sick. Only 21% of the workforce in Wisconsin calls off work.

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