I have two dogs, I love them both with all my heart, but the one thing I don't love is how much pet hair is left all over everything; I can't even eat a meal without getting dog hair in my food.

That doesn't mean I love them any less, and I know what you're thinking- if you don't like pet hair, then don't get a pet, to which I say, I don't hate pet hair, it can just be a nuisance at times.

A nuisance that we've tried to control with shampoos, brushes and constant grooming, but when it comes to my mastiff lab mix, nothing seems to help.

Perhaps I found the answer- the Shed Defender, a leotard onesie for dogs that according to Simplemost, protects your pets from "pesky bugs, ticks and burrs," keeps them warm and cozy during the winter months, protects stitches and wounds, and above all, contains loose hair.

They're currently selling for Amazon for $45.99 and before you starting talking about how cruel it is to put your animal in such a thing (because for some dogs, it really is, and most pet owners will already know that the Shed Defender isn't meant for them), Shed Defender has a "Paw it Forward" program where they donate a portion of their sales to "animal shelters, rescue centers and adoption organizations."

Could this work for your dog? If you've tried everything (even a Roomba won't pick up your dog's hair), or your dog has allergies and constantly bites their hind legs all day, this might be worth a try.

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