I've always wondered when we would start to see the physical effects of cell phones. I know that 'text thumb' exists for people who are always on their phone. But this new physical change is WAY more terrifying.

I present to you ... a 21st century horned human -


That's terrifying. One doctor told the New York Post -

I have been a clinician for 20 years, and only in the last decade, increasingly I have been discovering that my patients have this growth on the skull.

That same doctor detailed -

Shahur believes the spikes may be caused by the habitual bent-neck posture of frequent mobile device users, which many already complain leads to neck pain. Holding this position for long periods of time can put extra pressure at the point where the neck muscles meet the skull.

So basically in order to provide more support for the head, which is like 10 pounds, the body compensates by developing new bone, which may help balance out the weight.

This is so weird and scary and concerning. I would say we should all go read a book and get off our phone, but I think that's causing horns too!

So... I don't know. Just sit and stare at a wall for a while.

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