If you're trying to relive some childhood memories close to home, have no fear!  A new Pixar-themed mini golf attraction just popped up in Chicago!

I know we all have a favorite Pixar movie, mine happens to be UP.  It's such a cute, adventurous movie that everybody has to see at least once in their lifetime.  Maybe your favorite Pixar films can be found at this Pixar-themed mini golf course at Navy Pier!


The ultimate pop-up, open-air mini-golf experience made up of 18 fun and interactive holes inspired by the stories, characters, and icons from some of Pixar's most beloved films.

Now through August 21st, you can go to infinity and beyond at the Pixar Putt with your entire family!  With 18 themed courses at this attraction, you'll get to see Toy Story, A Bug's Life, Wall-E, Inside Out, and other kids' favorites!

If you wanted to do a team-building or fun outing event with your entire staff, this might be the perfect place to go.  You can find additional info here.

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I, personally, haven't gotten around to see Coco, but clearly it's a big hit because it's one of the beautifully designed courses you can play!

You're encouraged to dress up, too!  Kids of all ages will have a blast dressing as their favorite Pixar character and golfing through life-sized toys they thought they'd only get to see in movies.  You'll feel like you're in Andy's room!

My favorite course is 100% the UP-themed one.  Look at how adorable the house and balloons are!!! Though there won't be any actual characters at the attraction, you'll get so many photo opportunities at each course - just like this one.

Once you get your ball in the house, the house floats!  How cool!

Pixar Putt isn't JUST for kids, adults can take on fun challenges and get tickets for 'Pixar Putt After Dark' only for adults 18+ on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights from 7pm-close.

Tickets start at $25.50 for kids and $30.50 for adults.  Seems reasonable considering the time and effort the company put in to make this place look awesome!

So, swing by Pixar Putt anytime from May 28th-August 21st and get to putting!  Find all the information you need to get into this awesome attraction here!  Pixar Putt is located at 600 E Grande Avenue Chicago, Illinois 60611.


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