Chicago's famous attraction, 'The Bean', closed to the public in 2023 to undergo serious renovations.  As of Sunday, June 23rd, it has officially reopened!

We've waited long enough.  Though I've been to The Bean a thousand times, I'm excited to make a trip out to Chicago again and be able to touch the glorious sculpture.

"The Bean's seamless, mirror-like exterior not only reflects the surrounding cityscape and sky but also allows you to see yourself and others in intriguing and distorted ways." [Steve Shannon]


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We can't be mad at the city of Chicago for closing it off the to public for so long.  Why?  You'll be pretty excited why they gave it a complete makeover!

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Chicago's Famous Attraction Officially Reopens After Year-Long Makeover

So, construction began in August 2023.  They installed fencing around The Bean, brand new stairs, wheelchair-accessible ramps, and a waterproofing system according to the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events.  Awesome, right?!

Now it's even more inclusive and visitors from all walks of life can enjoy the attraction.


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The Bean is truly a work of art in the heart of Chicago with over 25 million visitors annually. It's one of the world's largest permanent outdoor art installations and one of Chicago's most iconic sights.

Some would say it's an "eyesore", but who else can say they live close to a giant.. reflective.. liquid mercury-inspired shaped bean?  Nobody outside of Illinois, that's who.

So, go enjoy The Bean, aka CloudGate, once again because it reopened to the public on Sunday, June 23rd.  It's a great summer to take a trip, too!

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