For two days, some of the best pizza joints in the city of Chicago will all be together in one place. See why you better bring an appetite to this festival.

I'm sure other cities like to say they have the best pizza, I'm sure they believe they really do. Illinoisans know the truth.

No other city does pizza as good as Chicago. NONE!

At the end of August, there is a festival that celebrates that 'fact' (my opinion) above.

2nd Annual Pizza City Fest: Chicago

At this year's event, you'll have the chance to try 40 different pizzerias over the two-day festival.  This is not an event with a bunch of pizza food trucks in a circle doing their thing, it's much different than that, and your pizza-loving heart will be so grateful this event is different from the rest.

The food expert behind the festival is Steve Dolinsky, author of Pizza City USA and The Ultimate Chicago Pizza Guide as well as host and producer of the Pizza City podcast and Founder of Pizza City Tours. Steve designed this festival very differently, according to a recent story from ABC 7 Chicago than other food festivals, except for one thing, tons of freshly made pizza to eat.

[...] the event does what no other pizza festival in the city has ever done: ask all of the participating pizzerias to bake the pies fresh, to-order. Using electric ovens, scattered around the Fairgrounds at the Salt Shed.

Pairs of pizzerias, representing different styles of pizza, will share one of those ovens. Each day will feature 20 different pizzerias.

Pizza City Fest: Chicago takes place on Saturday and Sunday, August 26 and 27 from Noon - 5:00 pm both days at the Salt Shed located at 1357 N. Elston Avenue.

Tickets can be purchased for single-day, two-day, and VIP at

I don't need any more reasons to go, but maybe you do.

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Have you ever had Roman pizza? Watch the video below and turn up your volume.

This festival will put you in a food coma. Thank God for that.

This year they're trying something new called, Collab Lab, pairing pizzamakers with farmers or artisan vendors.

There will be a type of pizza for everyone at Pizza City Fest: Chicago.

If you get the VIP tickets, you get some extra treats at the festival.

And the most famous of Chicago's pizza creations... deep-dish.

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