Free pizza is the BEST kind of pizza. Get ready for your free slice on November 7, here's how you can get it.

One of the most popular foods in Illinois is deep dish pizza, especially as you inch closer and closer to Chicago. Lou Malnati's happens to be my personal favorite deep dish variety (order The Lou, you won't be disappointed), but there are other deep dish versions out there.

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However, this story is about Lou's, and how you can score a free slice of Lou Malnati's pizza on Tuesday, November 7.




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The campaign is called 'Toss In, Take Out,' and it's all about recycling. You bring an empty plastic bottle into Lou Malnati's and you trade it for a slice of pizza and a Coke, Diet Coke, Coke Zero Sugar or Dasani (according to Time Out Chicago).

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Lou's is partnering with Coca-Cola on this event, but the bottle does NOT have to be a Coca-Cola product.

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I know, you're thinking... what's the catch? There is a catch, well two catches to be exact.

How to Get Free Pizza in Chicago on November 7

Catch #1 - The slice you get after your trade in has to be cheese. I'm 100 percent ok with this, but I know there will be some sausage fans that are bummed out about this.

Catch #2 - The free slices are only available at the West Loop Lou Malnati's location at 1235 W Randolph Street in Chicago. So... you might have to take the day off to score your slice. The promotion is happening from noon until 8 p.m.

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