You know you've spent hours pinning photos of this hairstyle on Pinterest, and now it's time to learn just how to master beach waves.

When it comes to doing my hair, I have two choices. Ok, three if you count a bun on the top of my head.

I can either completely straighten my hair, or curl it in loose curls that will fall out an hour later.

Which is why I went to Adrienne at WM Day Spa to teach me how to do something else, and something very trendy with my generally messy hair.

Not only did Adrienne teach me how to use a curling iron (and a straightener) to make some pretty sweet looking beach waves, she also confirmed I had no idea how to actually use hairspray... and gave me some tips to keep my hair styled for way longer than just one hour.

Huge thanks to WM Day Spa and Adrienne for my new styling skill!

If you want to teach me how to do something, just let me know on Facebook, on Twitter or on YouTube.

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