When you think t-shirts and Rockford, one specific place comes to mind, Rockford Art Deli.

Rockford t-shirts, you see them all over town. You own one, your best friend does too and they're all from the same place, Rockford Art Deli.

Home of the, 'Rockford doesn't suck, you do,' shirt and of course the '815' shirt.

You love rocking your hometown pride, but how do those shirts get made?

I got the chance to find out!

Andy from Rockford Art Deli gave me a step by step lesson on how to screen print a t-shirt from the dark room to the dryer.

My favorite part was definitely the wash out room. Thanks Rockford Art Deli for adding to my new list of skills.

If you want to teach me how to do something, just let me know on Facebook, on Twitter or on YouTube.

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