There are so many things that we do on a daily basis, without giving it a second thought, that could potentially be dangerous.

Like getting behind the wheel of your car or sending your kid off to school on the school bus; even crossing the street.

But, I bet you never thought that letting your fur kids out or taking them for a walk could end with them getting very sick. Unfortunately, it's something you'll want to think about the next time you let your puppy out to play or go potty.

According to Fox 32 Chicago, police have issued a warning to dog owners to be on the look out for poisonous hot dogs being placed in people's yards.

The original complaint came from residents in Lake Hallie, Wisconsin, when cut up hot dogs were found with an unknown substance inside; wrapped in floss. They were then thrown in people's yards and dogs were getting very sick.

If you happen to see this kind of activity in Rockford, and hopefully you won't because it's just sick, please contact the police.

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