Nothing says "I love you" more than a heart-shaped cake for mom on Mother's Day.

Even better, nothing says "I love myself" more than just buying your own cake on Mother's Day, mom or not.

What I'm saying is, you've been through a bunch these past few weeks, a massive chocolate cake, while not solving all the world's problems, will make you forget about them for at least a few minutes.

Normally, you'd walk into a Portillo's location, pick up a cake and drop it off for mom, but this isn't a normal time.

So Portillo's is adjusting for our new normal and is now offering you the opportunity to "Shower your mom with the sweetest gift this Mother’s Day and ship our famous frozen chocolate cake nationwide!"

I thought to myself, this seems like a messy endeavor, you know, ordering a chocolate cake and expecting it to look just like it does when you walk out of the restaurant.

Here's how Portillo's is handling the heart-shaped cakes, according to Portillo's on Instagram.

Our single-layer heart cake is shipped frozen and can be frosted at home.

Ah, so what Portillo's is saying they are sending the frosting, which if it was me, I'd probably just eat with a spoon.

Either way, you can still order a heart-shaped chocolate cake from Portillo's and get it before Mother's Day for $49.99.

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