Donna Connelly, principal of PS 24, the Spuyten Duyvil School in Riverdale is taking heat for a ridiculous new policy and for the way it went down.

Has sitting for too long really becoming this big of a problem or is this principal off her rocker? (see what I did there). Here's what she told the New York Post:

“It’s the 21st century — you don’t need desks,”


Principal Connelly doesn't want her teachers sitting during class anymore so she ordered all desks to be removed from the building although she didn't ask for chairs to be removed. During class she ordered ALL teachers to push their desks and cabinets into the hallway so the custodial staff could dump them... in the school parking lot for everyone to see.


When teachers asked where to grade papers, she said...

“Use the lunch room.”

When teachers asked where to store their supplies, she said...

“Figure it out!”


Teachers had to remove student paperwork and items such as devices to help kids with asthma. “All their stuff is in boxes, bags and on the radiators,” a source said. Children watched as the furniture was cleared out, one said. “The kids saw their teachers upset about what was going on. It was dehumanizing.” It didn't take long for these pictures to make it to a teacher's Facebook page where the comments poured in immediately. (the Facebook post has since been removed).

“Thirty years in the system and I’ve never seen anything like this,” a Bronx teacher commented.

“How the f--k does someone with so little good sense become a principal? What kind of policy allows this to happen?” another posted.

“She is nuts!” wrote another.

Word spread to District 10 Superintendent Melodie Mashel, who on Friday ordered the furniture returned to PS 24 and out of public view. But it was stacked in the basement, sources said.