You know you want to work for the Chicago Cubs, here's your chance!

My oldest brother interned for the Cubs one year, and it was the greatest. Well, I was in sixth grade, so from what I remember it was the greatest.

He was able to go to the games for free, hang in the front office and he and my other brother sent out the Cubs Christmas cards that year.

I can only imagine the perks of being an actual employee!

You can tell me about it when you get one of the Cubs jobs that are now open.

The Cubs are looking for the following:

  • Operating Engineer Trainee
  • Summer Associate - Community Affairs
  • Operating Engineer
  • Senior Coordinator, Campus Planning & Events
  • Media Relations Assistant
  • Graphic Designer
  • Payroll Specialist
  • Digital Asset Coordinator
  • Facility Cleaning & Maintenance Manager
  • Facility Cleaning and Maintenance Coordinator

Pass this info along, you never know who will thank you with a pair of really great seats!

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