This is the quote that should be on the wall of every classroom, not just in this Winnebago, Illinois classroom. We all need this reminder, sometimes daily.

97ZOK's Teacher of the Week

Every week throughout the school year, I get the opportunity to acknowledge a different teacher in our listening area. In each of those conversations, we talk about the things they love about their job and the things that happen during a school day that remind them that they're doing exactly what they were put on this earth to do.

Our new Teacher of the Week says it's those moments when a student overcomes something, like a project they can't quite get right, and they stay invested until they figure it out on their own. Those are the moments she loves.

Congratulations to 97ZOK's New Teacher of the Week

Mya Hildreth from Winnebago High School in Winnebago, Illinois

TOTW Mya Hildreth from Winnebago High School
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Not only is Mya our NEW Teacher of the Week, but she's also a NEW teacher. This is her first year teaching art. That quote of her's I like so much was this,

Your best looks different every day.

She tells her students that nobody expects perfect, what's expected is for you to show up and try your best. The hardest lesson is in accepting that your best may not look the same tomorrow as it did today.

Mya was nominated by her sister Clair, she writes:

Mya Hildreth is my sister and started her first job out of college teaching as an art teacher in Winnebago. She is only 23 and working with kids up to 18 years old. However, she uses this to her advantage. She is so empathetic towards each and every student to the point where she worries about them even after school hours as if they are her own best friends. But she still holds them accountable to do their best and meet deadlines. She preaches the importance of mental health and has helped several kids work on prioritizing it this year. We have long talks about how she would do anything for these kids to grow up and be happy successful humans and how important kindness is to her. Teaching is not for the weak. She comes home drained almost daily and is extremely hard on herself. She does everything she can to meet her students and fellow employees 'expectations. She has done so much for the community and district already in only 6 months. All teachers deserve appreciation but Miss Hildreth really stands out.

Did you have trouble picking Mya out of that photo above? She really can blend right in with her students, like her sister said.

TOTW Mya Hildreth from Winnebago High School

As Teacher of the Week, Mya was surprised with a cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes and a gift card to WM Day Spa Salon.

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