After a career change, 97ZOK's Teacher of the Week is making the most important connections with his middle school students in Roscoe, Illinois.

97ZOK Teacher of the Week

97ZOK Teacher of the Week-Chad McLarty from Roscoe Middle School


Congratulations to Chad McLarty from Roscoe Middle School in Roscoe, Illinois

Chad was nominated by one of his students, Daniel Cobio, he writes:

My teacher, Mr. McLarty, should be nominated for teacher of the week. He is an amazing and outstanding teacher who is always there to help whenever you need it. He makes everyone big or little feel welcomed and important no matter what. If you were to ask anyone who has or has ever had Mr. McLarty, they would agree that he is a fantastic mentor. He adapts to his students and always finds a way for his students to learn a subject in which they are struggling with. When we started in the beginning of the year, our honors class was behind and really struggling. Mr. McLarty helped us learn at our own pace and helped us triumph through the subject and even more difficult subjects afterward.


97ZOK Teacher of the Week-Chad McLarty from Roscoe Middle School


Besides teaching, Mr. McLarty is a very kind, caring, funny, and overall fun to be with kind of person. Before class starts, he is always having a conversation about different topics with each one of his students. Whether is football, how their weekend was, spring break, or anything else to be honest with you, Whenever a student is struggling or going through a hard time, he goes out of his way to make sure they are okay and alright. These are only a few of the reasons why Mr. McLarty deserves the reward of 'Teacher of the Week'. I believe that becoming 'Teacher of the Week' would be a really well deserved reward for Mr. McLarty.

97ZOK Teacher of the Week-Chad McLarty from Roscoe Middle School

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As Teacher of the Week, Chad was surprised with a cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes and money to spend at WM Day Spa Salon.

During my conversation with Chad, which you can listen to below, he talked about his career change and the force behind it. It will always be a joy for me to have conversations with human beings who figured out what they were put on this earth to do, and once they did, got busy doing it.

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97ZOK Teacher of the Week-Chad McLarty from Roscoe Middle School by Steve Shannon


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Good decisions all around. I'm grateful for students like Daniel who take the time to share stories with us about the good experiences they're having at school. Below, are nothing but bad decisions.

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