For many, Ramen Noodles is what you bought in college when you needed to eat. You could eat like a king or queen for just a few dollars. Typically you had the choice between chicken and beef, but over the years they have added quite a few flavors. In fact, the world of Ramen has had a makeover the past few years.

No longer is it just the cheap noodles to help college kids and those waiting for the next payday to survive. Ramen Noodle restaurants are becoming a pretty big thing. With good reasoning too. Most are set up like a buffet. You start with Ramen Noodles, pick your broth, and pick your ingredients. They make it for you and deliver it to your table. I used to think, "Well, how good could it actually be?" After trying a few locations in Denver I quickly realized the buzz.

That's why I was happy to see that Cary, Illinois will soon be home to a new Ramen Noodle bar called Ramen DoBo Noodle Bar, 716 Northwest Highway according to the Northwest Herald. Initially they will start with a fixed menu but the owner says once they get the swing of things, it'll open up to a fully customized menu.

If you've never tried a Ramen Noodle Bar, I highly recommend it. Also, are there any good Ramen Noodle Bars closer? Let me know in the comments.

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