The 6th annual Stroll On State was once again an amazing holiday celebration. But why was the annual fireworks show so delayed? Here's why.

The Stroll on State tradition is to shoot off fireworks right after the Christmas tree is lit. For us, it's always a quick dash to a spot along the west bank of the Rock river to catch the show. Something seemed peculiar this year even before the tree was supposed to be lit at 6:15 p.m.. The choir seemed to be stretching their performance prior to the tree lighting. The tree wasn't lit until after 6:30. In hindsight, it appears they were trying to allow time for a problem to be fixed with the fireworks display.

The Stroll On State fireworks show, dedicated to Rockford's "Mr. Fourth of July" Joe Marino who died on Wednesday, was delayed an hour, due to a power failure with the boat from which the fireworks were to be launched, according to It seems that once the boat lost power, it drifted way out of position to be able to launch the show safely. The Rockford Fire Department gets the save, for hitting the river with their boat and towing the fireworks boat into position, according to Rockford Area Convention and Visitors Bureau CEO John Groh.

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