Is it just me, or does it seem like Daylight Saving Time has everyone's undies in a bunch this week?

Whatever it is that has you stressed out, and let me remind you that it's only Tuesday, you now have the option to take out your frustration and rage on anything (not ANYONE) you can get your hands on in Rockford's newest "shatter zone."

Owner, Jake Manning, created ShatterZone after seeing stories and videos about other "rage rooms" throughout the country; he says, "I always thought Rockford could use one, so when I decided to get out of the corporate grind; this was a easy decision for me."

According to the website, the ShatterZone will offer:

  • protective gear
  • an arsenal of weapons to break stuff with
  • a speaker system so you can shatter to the playlist of your choice
  • hassle free smashing- they do all the cleaning
  • air conditioned facility

And coming soon- the option to record your experience.

So, when does it open? March 15th.

This isn't from the ShatterZone, but here's what you can expect:

Bonus Video


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