5 Things You Need to Know Thursday - Teen girls with pushy moms more successful, California water order, Germanwings final seconds video and Spacey/Walken movie.

California orders first-ever mandatory water reductions. (USA Today)

Does video really show final seconds of Flight 9525? (USA Today)

Teen girls with pushy mothers are more successful. (Daily Mail)

Remember Miss Cleo? She used to tell fortunes over the phone back in the '90s...when people still used phones for things like that. Well, she's back. But this time when you call her, she doesn't tell your fortune, she tells you how AWESOME you are.

Somebody please tell me what the hell is going on in this video (smh)


The series premiere of Lip Sync Battle, 9 P.M. on Spike.  LL Cool J hosts as two new celebrities do two songs each episode.  Model Chrissy Teigen does the color commentary.  First up it's Jimmy Fallon vs. The Rock.

The series finale of The Slap, 9 P.M. on NBC.

Christopher Walken and Kevin Spacey will co-star in a movie about a man who gets trapped INSIDE A CAT. (Deadline)

Kevin is known for his awesome Christopher Walken impression.

(Here's a clip of him doing it on "The Tonight Show" last year. Skip to 2:25.)

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