Learn why Frontier Communication flags are causing a stir in our neighborhood - uncover the truth behind their appearance and legality!

We've been under siege in my neighborhood lately. Whether strong winds blow people's roofs off or utility companies lay all sorts of flags around, it's been an interesting month.

I guess the wind and the flags have a little something in common.


The flags are mainly because Frontier Communication is installing internet cable in my neighborhood.

It's all good, even though the trucks are noisy and the crew is digging random holes in my front yard.

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The utility crew has also placed flags all over the grass to indicate what is underground. Regardless of how strange those flags look, they are there for a good reason.

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Well, the flags were placed in early April, and then we had a major wind event (I think it was a microburst, but anyway), and most of the flags went flying.

Lenny Pic
Lenny Pic

Some stayed in my yard, others went bye-bye, but nothing was in place. So, as I gathered up those tattered flags, I wondered if removing them completely was against the law.


Here's what I found, and unfortunately, the answer is wishy-washy. Yard Varsity says, "Removing utility flags from your yard is generally illegal, as they are placed there to mark underground utilities and prevent damage during digging or construction projects."

However, "you can remove utility flags in your yard once the utility work or project has been completed."

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