Warm weather is in full swing and more motorcycles are taking over the roads in Illinois.

After seeing my friend, Mitchell, post endless TikToks of himself weaving in and out of traffic on his motorcycle, I got to wondering where it's actually legal to lane split in the country.

TikTok - @6spdcl
TikTok - @6spdcl

If you don't know what lane splitting is,

"Lane splitting occurs when a motorcycle rides at any speed between two lanes of stopped traffic." [mjblawchicago]

Basically, if you're weaving between vehicles at a stop light or lanes of traffic headed in the same direction as you, you're lane splitting.

TikTok - @6spdcl
TikTok - @6spdcl

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Honestly, I think it's kinda badass... and noooo I'm not condoning it, but I wouldn't be opposed to feel the rush of it at least once in my life haha.

Watch this biker, @6spdcl on TikTok, lane split and tell me if you'd risk it:

Sure, there are plenty of states that allow lane splitting, like California, but it doesn't mean it's not any less dangerous.

I guess if you own a motorcycle you're probably okay living on the edge, like my friend Mitchell.  Just do it as safely as possible and have other drivers in mind if you attempt it!

So, Is Lane Splitting Actually Legal In Illinois?

Sure, it could save tons of time for bikers waiting in traffic.  Lane splitting is still a very risky driving behavior and also illegal in Illinois.

"If a motorcyclist violates the lane splitting law, they can be cited and charged with a Class A Misdemeanor. This only applies if the case if the lane splitting doesn’t cause bodily harm." [mjblawchicago]

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To all you Illinois bikers out there, enjoy your time on the road and fingers crossed you don't get a ticket this summer.

Also, if you're looking for a passenger.. my gear is building up dust on my shelf!

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