There's a fee for every little thing nowadays.  In Illinois, if you don't renew your license plate sticker by a specific date, you'll get charge a fee. C'mon!

I turned 26 this year and a lot has changed in my life since hitting this age.  From getting my own insurance, to my Driver's License expiring, to finally being able to rent a car... there's one thing that'll continue to be a pain, though.


Renewing our License Plate sticker.  Why can't it be a one-time fee?!

Vehicle license plate, renewal sticker and registration card. Concept of state government automobile fees, transportation taxes and funding.

I got my renewal notice in the mail and thought I had until the end of the year before it completely expired on me.  Nope, I was wrong.  Now I have to pay a late fee.

Renew Illinois License Plate Sticker On Time Or Pay A Fee

On the notice, it says the Renewal Fee is $151 in Illinois. 

Below, it says, "IF PAID AFTER _/__/__ FEE IS $171"


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Okay.. c'mon now.  I get that it'll encourage people to get it paid in a timely fashion, but a fee is ridiculous.  It's even more dumb that it's an ANNUAL OCCURENCE.  Why?!

I don't know why, but living just costs a freakin' fortune and I'm not down with that.

If you still need to renew your sticker, head to if you want to get it done and over with!  Don't be like me, pay your sticker on time.  Please.

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