There is something magical about Powerball. Is it the hope? The gambling? The insane prize money? Something about this lottery is making people flip out.

In the rare case you have no idea what is going on, the Powerball payout stands, as of right now, at 1.5 billion dollars. If the folks that work at Grissini's Ristorante in New Jersey had it their way, the lottery would be over. On Saturday they thought they won the nearly 900 million dollar prize.

They had the right numbers 02-11-47-62-63 and 17, the problem was the restaurant employees were looking at the winning numbers from Wednesday. The drawing with the winning numbers on Saturday was a bit different, 16-19-32-34-54 and 13. Therefore, just like everyone else, they lost.

Here's the ticket:

This is the reaction from the staff at Grissini's:

The general manager of the restaurant, Mike Devincenzi, told the New York Post that a dishwasher yelled out "I'm outta here, I quit!"

Something tells me that the dishwasher kept his job.