This IPA is being brewed to benefit victims of the Camp Fire in California. A group of 1,400 breweries, including 4 in the Rockford area, will take part.

Prairie Street Brewing Co. in Rockford, Hairy Cow in Byron, Pig Minds in Machesney Park and Generations in Freeport are part of this group of breweries making the very special Resilience IPA to benefit the Camp Fire Relief Fund.

The idea comes from beer makers, Sierra Nevada. They created the recipe and assembled this group of 1,400 breweries. All of the breweries, who will be reimbursed for the ingredients, will be able to make 2.5 barrels of Resilience IPA and 100% of the profits will go directly to Camp Fire victims.

You'll find Resilience IPA in the Rockford area, on tap, starting January 16th.


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