UPDATE: All local Starbucks will be closed beginning at 2:30 PM and will reopen tomorrow morning.


If you're the type of person who hits up a Starbucks on the daily for your caffeine fix, you might want to make alternate arrangements for May 29th.

According to CBS News, Starbucks is closing all of its stores for racial bias training. This comes after two black men asked to use a restroom inside a Philadelphia location and ended up getting arrested for trespassing after the store refused.

The public put on the pressure, urging people to boycott the Seattle based coffee chain; and much like what happened with Dick's Sporting Goods and their removal of assault rifles, Starbucks heard their customer's cries and decided to make a change.

175,000 employees will be part of the training and new employees can expect to receive the same curriculum before they slip on a that green apron and start steaming your next venti latte.

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