You thought Rockford Art Deli was just awesome because they make 815 t-shirts, well think again.

Rockford Art Deli has been killing it in the Rockford t-shirt market since Jarrod Hennis and Britney Lindgren created the company in 2011, but today they made a huge announcement about the future of RAD t-shirts.

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Rockford Art Deli, along with ten other businesses across the country have developed a new t-shirt manufacturing company, Allmade.

I know, right? They legit developed this new way of making t-shirts! We knew the RAD team was awesome, but this is above and beyond.

So, you obviously have questions, what is Allmade? Why should we care? How can we be a part of it?

Well, thankfully Rockford Art Deli shared all the Allmade info at a press conference today.

The Allmade tri-blend shirts are made from organic US-grown cotton, recycled polyester, and Modal. These three fibers not only produce a luxuriously soft shirt, but are better for the environment as well. Every tri-blend shirt contains the equivalent of 6 plastic water bottles. In addition to the direct impact to the environment, most materials are sourced right here in the US, shipped to Haiti (just 500 miles from Miami) to be sewn into shirts, and shipped back to the US for sale reducing the carbon footprint.'

Wait, there's more.

LIFE, the Haitian facility where Allmade shirts are produced, pays workers 5x the going rate for similar jobs in the area, an amount carefully calculated to meet the basic needs of a Haitian household. 100% of LIFE's profits are dedicated to programs that support orphans.'

So buying Allmade shirts from Rockford Art Deli is no longer just cool because your Rockford shirt looks awesome, it's also environmentally awesome, which is so important.

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And now you have another reason to load your closet with RAD shirts, because those Allmade shirts are available right now.

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