It's August so you know what that means right, it's almost time to celebrate Rockford on 8-1-5 Day. 

Of course we celebrate Rockford all the time but August 15 is the biggest celebration of the year, especially this year!

Last year there were still plenty of ways to celebrate 815 Day but not quite in the big way that we love to celebrate.

This year, though, make sure you pay attention to the celebration schedules, because a ton of local businesses are celebrating all weekend long, including Rockford Arty Deli's August 14 party.

Why August 14? Well, because it's a Saturday.

They're calling the event, '815 Day on 8/14 - RAD Street Party & Live Print!' So if you're searching on Facebook you can type that in... or just click the link above. The party features the live print we know and love for $8.15 if you bring your own shirt and $18.15 if you want  a shirt from Art Deli, but there's so much more going on as well.

According to the Facebook Event post, you'll want to keep checking in for the latest news on who's going to be there but we know for sure that these vendors will be on site.

- Ancient Remedies 10am-4pm
- Angelic Organics Learning Center 10am-4pm
- Candy Cloud Company 10am-4pm
- Ka-Bao! by Octane 12pm-tbd!

I will be there as well with Good Day Stateline from 10-noon so make sure you come see me!

We got a sneak peek at this year's shirt, which is super cool and was designed by a local designer.

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How will you celebrate 815 Day this year?

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