You gotta take what you can get this year, and nachos in a taco bowl is definitely something to clap for.

We've all been drinking a little more than usual in 2020, and you know what, we've been eating more too....

Not only is there literally nothing else to do, but every time you turn around there's another reason to eat or drink.

So next time you're looking to do both of those, maybe you want to eat a giant bowl of nachos in a taco shell.

This is at Oscar's on E. State Street.

Some friends and I decided to go there Friday for a few drinks and ended up devouring this nacho taco thing.

And you know what?

I already want to go back for another round, and this time I don't want to share.

This is not in the appetizer part of the menu, it's on the back side, so make sure you read the whole menu so you don't miss it.

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