Every Friday I go to the Rockford Missed Connection section looking for something good to talk about, today, I'm pretty sure I came across a post about me.

So this is how my Fridays go. I get to work, do my eyeliner, open my computer and go to the Missed Connection section of Craigslist.

Some weeks I find a bunch of great posts to write about, some weeks are duds.

Today, I found a post titled, 'Who are you McDonald's girl with red lips.'

That could be fun, right?

So I clicked on it and started reading it.

Rockford Craigslist
Rockford Craigslist

Brunette at McDonald's, East State and Alpine... in May... with a camera.

Wait a second, is this about me?

I know, that sounds weird, but how many people do you think go to McDonald's with a camera behind the counter?

I thought MAYBE it wasn't about me. Then I read the last line. Tank top and red lipstick.

Uh... yeah, this is about me. Because I was wearing a red tank top and red lipstick when I went to McDonald's on East State and Alpine to learn how to make Big Macs with Blake.

There's a good part of me that thinks this is just my imagination. I feel pretty sleep deprived this week... and I've been writing Missed Connection posts for over a year, so maybe this is like my best friend messing with me or something. She did sign me up for the BuzzFeed Cats newsletter once...

She says she didn't do it, so I guess it's legit?

Now I feel torn because I always want to make the missed connection a real connection, but no offense Craigslist guy...but Craigslist can be creepy.

Unless of course, you look like Jesse Palmer and want to go to all of the Cubs games? Because if you do, you know how to find me.

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