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Happy Halloween... your kids might be trick or treating in the snow.

Ugh, I know. That's not fun at all! I hope they all planned to be something warm and water repellent.

According to early forecasts, snowflakes could be falling in Rockford next week so it's time to plan your attack on this winter.

How will you be ready when we get hit with a giant snowfall or a snowstorm?

I have some ideas for you. I can almost guarantee if you have at least three of these five items, your snowfalls will be better than they were last year.


Insane Chocolate Cake

First, make sure you're not hungry. Might I recommend stocking up on chocolate cake. This ten inch chocolate overload cake from David's Cookies looks like it will keep you sugared up for at least 24 hours.


Heated Slippers

Next, keep your feet warm. I don't know about you, but the minute a snowflake falls I lose all feeling in my toes. Not only are these slippers freaking adorable, they're also warm and you can charge them with a USB cord.


Giant Wine Glass

Now you're thirsty. I'm assuming you already thought to get wine in your house before that first flake, but you must also have a glass to fit all that wine. When I say glass, I obviously mean a glass that will hold an entire bottle of wine. This one is also comical. Win-win... wine-wine.


Big Screen TV

Possibly most important, to get through this winter, you'll need an enormous TV. Who cares if you don't even have a spot on the wall for something this big. Buy it now and it will keep you warm until April. Or May depending on when it stops snowing in 2020.


Epic Snow Shovel

Ok, also, maybe you should have a shovel. This one looks unbreakable, but if you ask my dad he would tell you I could break any shovel someone hands to me.

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