It feels like summer is inching it's way back to Rockford and summer usually means some salads hitting restaurant menus... but this isn't JUST a salad. It's a literal dream.

I didn't know I wanted a salad with these ingredients but I'd be lying to you if I said I haven't been thinking about this 'Salad 54,' every hour since I saw it posted on the Disco Chicken Facebook page.

The salad is packed with, 'romaine, red cabbage, sweet corn, bacon, chile parmesan, signature fried chicken, creamy disco dressing.'

I've only had a few things from the Disco Chicken truck before, at the Snoop concert on 815 Day a few years ago, but now I know eating this salad is on my 2021 To-Eat List.

I might ask if they have any tomatoes hanging on the truck that they could add to the mix.... because I try not to go a meal without some sort of tomato, but hey it sounds pretty good just as it is.

Maybe I'll send them a message and ask about that, and also why it's called 'Salad 54?'

The Disco Chicken truck is out and about all the time in Rockford, you can find out where they are each day on their Facebook page. 

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