Any excuse to throw a party is a good one right?

When you ask someone, 'Why do you use Snapchat?' The answers vary.

Some people use it to send their friends really unattractive pictures of themselves. Some just like to give a daily update of life.

All people with children use the filters to make kids look hilarious and also stop temper tantrums by asking, 'do you want to be a puppy?'

One girl, Rockford's own Emily Sotakoun, uses Snapchat every minute of the day.

Ok, that's not accurate. Sometimes Emily sleeps.

But really, she might be Rockford's most active Snapchatter, which explains why she has a 365 day Snap streak with her best friend.

Actually it's more than that now because she recently celebrated the big 365 with a Snapchat party that only Emily would think of.

In case you're not a huge Snap-per, a streak means every time Emily sent her friend a snap, she got one back, and then they've continued back and forth for an entire year.

Even if you're not into Snapping, you can appreciate Emily's theme-work, her very awesome (and delicious) looking Snap cake and the fact that she even realized it was an entire year Snap.

Keep on Snapping, Emily.

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