Has there ever been something that you've really wanted from someone else but you were too afraid to ask? Yeah me too.

It could be anything from a ride to work, a spot while you lift, concert tickets, a chance to play drums with Cheap Trick, a raise...or in this case Halo Top ice cream.

Anyone who lives the fit life knows that Halo Top ice cream is a life changing gift from God; and anytime a new flavor is released, its cause for celebration.

Women's Health just announced the newest limited addition to the Halo Top line up is blueberry crumble, and according to them, it's just as amazing as the real thing.

Rockford personal trainer, Eleni Polites, loves it so much that she thought to do something that you and I probably never thought of doing-  just ask for some...for free. The best part is, they responded.

As of today, she has 192 retweets and needs 501. Can you help her get there?

Hey, you never know until you ask, right?

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