How long did it take you to find love? Or if you're still looking, how long have you been searching?

Everyone always says, when you stop looking you'll find someone and when you meet "The One" you'll know and it's so true; even when it comes to pets.

Just ask Kayla Smith of Rockford who was lucky enough to experience both. Kayla was just 10 years old when she met boyfriend Ian; she had the biggest crush on him and she still gushes over their childhood sleepovers together.

Those sleepovers turned into dating, opening a business, power lifting competitions, and now parenthood.

Kayla's been asking Ian for a dog for close to five years and he's adamantly said "no." Since opening their gym, Vici Fitness, they've had very little time to commit to a dog and obviously money is a factor when you've just started your own business.

However, knowing this, their clients were always dropping hints that Ian should just bite the bullet and get her one. They'd share puppy videos and photos on her Facebook page, in hopes that Ian would see and finally give in.

Little did they know that the trick was to bring an actual dog to the gym. Snow was two days away from being put down in a kill shelter in Texas when one of Vici's members, Kayla Strupp, agreed to foster her. Kayla knew that Kayla wanted a dog so she surprised her by bringing Snow to the gym.

It was love at first sight and Snow didn't want to leave Kayla's side; Ian saw that and that's when the plan went into motion.

Last Friday, on National Puppy Day, Kayla shared some pretty funny snaps about her "puppy" by drawing a fake dog in all the scenarios that people who have actual dogs love to share on social media; by the end of the day, her snap story ended with Ian surprising her with Snow.

Can I get an "awwwww?"

Ladies, if you're wanting a dog, make sure to share this story with your man, and remember to check with your local animal shelters first, before buying your next furever friend.

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