There are a lot of bad feelings in this world, but none of them hurt quite like getting fired; especially if you have no idea why you've been let go in the first place.

There's a sheer sense of panic that sets in, followed by beating yourself up over what you could've possibly done and then there's the endless questioning- why did this happen in the first place?

No one knows that feeling better than Bradly Reid Byrd, who has spent the last few weeks trying to find out why his wife was fired from Cracker Barrel after working there for 11 years.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Brad asked them "why" they let her go on their corporate Facebook page, simply saying, "why did you fire my wife?"

Somehow the internet took notice and they've been trolling Cracker Barrel ever since.

Memes and hashtags were born, people demanded to know why she was fired, internet trolls pushed other restaurants to give her a new job and other retail stores have come forward to show their support by offering her a job. It's seriously gotten out of hand.

Credit: Time Warner via Twitter

Cracker Barrel's corporate office has yet to respond and I doubt they will, considering that most employers don't feel like they owe anyone an explanation after firing them (especially if the employee is an "at will"), but management at the Rockford Cracker Barrel was willing to comment on the situation.

I spoke to Dean, manager for Cracker Barrel for six and a half years, and because he's not into Facebook or social media, he knew very little about the entire situation; in fact, it was his wife who brought it up to him just the other day.

While he doesn't know why Brad's wife was fired, he did say that she'd be eligible for re-employment depending on the circumstances around her dismissal and she would have to go through the hiring process just like anyone else.

Seems pretty reasonable to me.

Surely we'll hear something once Brad's wife, who's name is Nanette by the way, has a new job.

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