When you spend 8 hours working on a Senior prank you have to hope that someone sees it.

That's not the case for the 7 or 8 Seniors from Rockford Christian that used 7 miles of wrap encasing their entire school in the stuff.

That's right, the school. Not a classroom or two. They wrapped the parking lot, lockers, gym and nearly anything that could be captured in cellophane.

Not sure why the prank got shut down or if the school OK'd it as long as the wrap was removed before school started the next day, but major props to the students who put it all together.

The video is dubbed on YouTube as "The Greatest Senior Prank That No One Ever Saw" which is pretty hard to dispute considering the time and effort.

While no one saw the prank, it will surely get it's YouTube glory. Currently, the video has over 1,600 views.

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