So you just had your heartbroken. First and foremost, I'm sorry, secondly, if you need a drinking buddy; I'm here for you...but can we just do it at Hooters in Rockford?

It doesn't seem ideal if you're a woman reading this, but if I told you free food was involved, would you at least think about it? You're possibly going to drown your sorrows in food anyway; it might as well be free food.

According to UPROXX, Hooters will give you ten free; boneless wings if you shred a picture of your ex on Valentine's Day.  There is one small catch, you have to pay for ten, so you'll have 20; but I'll gladly help you with that. Can they be bone-in though? You can have the boneless ones all to yourself.

Hooters is also giving you the option to still take advantage of the promotion without the public shredding; you just have to visit their website to upload a photo of your ex and take the #ShredYourEx quiz (it's more like a questionnaire) and they'll send you a digital coupon.

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