Three Rockford Ice Hogs players made special deliveries to children at two local hospitals.

Amy B

Kyle Baun, Nolan Valleau and Cameron Schilling volunteered themselves for the visits because they wanted to make a difference in kid's lives this Christmas, according to

The 3 players made visits to Swedish American Hospital and Mercy Health. They were hopeful that their visits would provide the kids with a much needed distraction from whatever illness or injury they were facing. During the surprise visit they gave each child a snuggly teddy bear to brighten their day. I think they succeeded. What kid wouldn't be elated to receive a Christmas present from a semi-pro hockey player. They also visited the mother-baby unit and special care nursery. The teddy bears were from the Teddy Bear Toss at an Ice Hog's game earlier in the month.

Thank you to these players, and also to those of you who attended that game and provided the gifts for these special kids. What an awesome way to lift these kids' spirits during a difficult time. Let's all say some prayers that they receive the ultimate Christmas gift this year of healing and that they are able to spend Christmas at home with their families.

The players even took a moment to post for pictures with the professionals that help treat these children.

Shayla Lenger