A role model of mine once shared a quote with me that will stick with me forever. She said bad ass women support bad ass women along with a note that read, "Some women fear the fire. Some women simply become it."

Those 10 words perfectly sum up the kind of woman I want to be; the kind of woman my good friend, Annetta McBain, already is. Could somebody please que up Alicia Keys, because this girl is on fire.

It was only 6 months ago that Annetta took her passion and love for glamour and giving back to create a monthly makeover movement for deserving women in Rockford. She, along with a few of her friends from the beauty and fashion industry teamed up to pamper one special woman for an entire day.

After receiving an unbelievably amazing response, dedicating her time and talents to Rock Your Body Rockford, and being recognized for her kindness and generosity with the "Inspiring 815 Award," Annetta has decided to expand her monthly makeover movement and is now calling it "The 815 Makeover Movement."

Joining her will be personal trainer, Jenna Elizabeth, Jim McIlroy from Food 4 Fuel, Above & Beyond Dentistry, WM Day Spa, Forever Young Beauty and Wellness, ABR Boutique, London Avenue Designs, Franchesco's, Greenfire and Chelsea Capriola Photography. All of these sponsors believe in Annetta so much that they're providing the ultimate, life changing makeover experience that will last an entire month; not just one day.

Do you know someone who deserves this makeover? Nominate them for Mother's Day.

The nomination process will begin Sunday, May 13th and will run until Memorial Day. Because the winner will be getting pampered for an entire month, not just a day, there will be two winners a year.

To enter, send in a detailed reason of why your nominee deserves to win and their photo (their photo has to be attached in order to qualify); the more details, the better. And the more you share this with the people you love, the more nominations you or someone you know will get. Husbands, fathers, siblings, co-workers, neighbors, it can be anyone to make the nomination.

All nominations must be sent via direct message to Annetta Michelle Makeup and Beauty. Be sure to like the page too, so you can keep up with the updates and the big winner announcement.

Not familiar with Annetta's work? Just take a look at one of her recent recipient's very special day.

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