A huge congrats is in order for a Rockford chef. Chef Thad from Little Nick’s BBQ joined forces with Boars Night Out and took home 6th place in the ‘whole hog’ category at the World BBQ Championship. Chef Thad is a stay at home dad who lives in Rockford.

At the World BBQ Championship the team took on more than 250 other cooking teams from around the world. WREX details -

 They also finished in the top 20 for smoked fired chicken BBQ recipes and 16th place for best BBQ chicken recipe in the world.

Chef Thad explained the origin of his love for BBQ to WREX -

I was raised in a BBQ family from Mississippi. We used our food as a way to bring our family together. That’s what I hope my food does for your family as well.

Chef Thad plans on opening up Little Nick’s BBQ at 322 7th St. in Rockford’s Midtown District by the Spring of 2020.

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