Should Joey Marino be pinched? Or not?

Waking up before the sun and getting ready to be on TV is not super glamorous. It's tiring and figuring out what to wear isn't always a blast but on holidays it's just easier.

St. Patrick's Day, for example, you know you've got to have some green on.

That brings us to Eyewitness News Meteorologist Joey Marino's shirt today.

Is it green?

I walked into the room this morning and thought, oh nice, everyone wore green! Then I was surpirsed to find out that half of the room thought Joey's shirt wasn't green at all... that it was baby blue?

After polling people on Instagram and Facebook, there's a slight lean toward sea foam green, but others are saying, teal, which makes my head more confused because I never know if teal is blue or green anyway.

What color do you think Joey's shirt is?

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