Starbucks unleashed the Unicorn Frappuccino earlier this week and a woman decided to use the new drink as a way to make an announcement.

A photo posted on Twitter by @crabbybutcute reads "A customer ordered this to tell her husband that she's pregnant."

The drink, which reportedly is filled with 76 grams of sugar, is marked "you're gonna be a dad."

Depending on how you feel about birth announcements, this is either ridiculously cute or stupidly trashy.

Either way, the popularity of the drink, which seems to have the entire country divided, may have inadvertently started a new trend in baby announcements.

Will birth announcements via Starbucks cups make it's way to Rockford? What other announcements would you like to see on a Starbucks cup? Marriage? How about divorce?

Nothing says "I want a divorce" better than sharing the message on a Starbucks cup.

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