As someone who works in the communication business, I'm always curious about what happens behind the scenes. Much like how you wonder what it's like to work behind a microphone in a radio studio, I wonder what it's like to work behind the cameras of a television show.

You probably do too; I mean, who wouldn't want to know what it's like to be backstage at The Maury Show? Sure, they give us a little tease of the woman having a breakdown after she finds out her ex-boyfriend from four years ago isn't her baby's father and yeah, we get to see him dancing over her singing, "I told you; I told you;" but we want more.

Or is that just me? Seriously, have you ever wondered what's real and what's fake when it comes to our most indulgent talk shows? There's one person from Rockford who could give us some answers.

According to the Rockford Register Star, Guilford grad, David Quintanilla, is a production assistant for The Maury Show and one of his primary responsibilities is to basically tell the audience when to cheer and boo. He also gives out the rules to enthusiastic Maury fans and audience members; he even gets to warn them to not yell "He's not the father!" before Maury has a chance to announce paternity test results for the male guests on stage.

Quintanilla also gets to book people into seats, is key in crowd control, and he makes sure the production team is all on the same page. Sounds like a lot to handle.

If by now, you're wondering what I'm wondering, "is the show real;" Quintanilla told the RR Star, "These are real people whose stories are real. And they are really upset."

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