By now we all know the struggles of staying home and even practicing social distancing, but imagine having to send your kids to another relative's home to protect them from the risks of COVID-19. This is exactly what happened to a cardiac nurse at Javon Bea in Rockford.

I'm a cardiac nurse and when the threat of COVID 19 became apparent in the US and I seen my first few cases of it, my husband and I sent our girls away. Our hearts broke over the decision. - Jennifer Kowalewski

Last week, Jennifer discovered a Facebook group called "RVs 4 MDs To Fight the Corona Virus" and but wasn't about to find anyone in our area soo she posted something on her own Facebook. Her post was shared and that's when the positive power of social media kicked in. The need for an RV quickly got to a Rockford couple that was able to help.

That's when they contacted me and said they had a camper available for my use. I had never met these two people and I still haven't met them. They ended up dropping off their camper to my husband at our house while I was working. And there were no questions asked.

Thanks to this couple's generosity Jennifer's step-children were able to return home. The best part of Jennifer's story is the next two sentences.

They just opened up their hearts to a family in need. These two are what community is all about.

The couple requested not being identified, proving how genuine they are. They are perfect examples of the good there is in the world, despite the uncertain times we're living in.

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