It's an ongoing debate, where to keep the ketchup, but Rockford has officially settled this debate.

Despite being a little old condiment, ketchup lives a life filled with controversy.

Is it allowed on a hot dog?

Can you ever put it on steak?

And the most important question, 'where do you keep your ketchup?'

When I was in elementary school, my mom sent my brother and I down the street to the neighborhood baby-sitter for one summer, and for lunch one day we had hot dogs and Oreos.

Sounds good, right? Yep, except she kept her ketchup in the cabinet and it was warm and disgusting.

So you know I'm on #TeamFridge, and it looks like most of you are too!

About ten percent of you said you keep your ketchup in the cabinet, and maybe two of you said you don't eat it at all (really you're missing out...).

So there you go, ketchup living in the fridge is the right answer according to Rockford.

Now, one more thing, some of you mentioned that restaurants keep their ketchup on the table, so shouldn't warm ketchup be acceptable?

While that's true, my years of working in a restaurant will allow me to say that those ketchup bottles that sit on tables all day live in very cold refrigerators at night.

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