Panera has been advertising their new delivery service for weeks in Rockford, but if you live or work West of Alpine, you are out of luck.

Actually you're out of luck if you work at the Equality Lodge and want to get Panera delivered just East of Alpine.

Yet, Panera will delivery to McDonald's a few steps away, which is all kinds of hilarious.

I love Panera. Despite the fact that it is insanely overpriced, give me a bowl of cream of chicken and wild rice soup any Tuesday, Thursday or Sunday (because that's the only days they have this flavor) and I will pay double what it's worth because it's perfection.

So when I heard on TV and saw via billboard that Panera began delivering in Rockford I was pumped.

Sure, I can't afford to have Panera delivered all that often, but today for example, I would take that bowl of soup in a heartbeat.

But, Panera won't deliver to the radio station, or my apartment.

Up until this morning, I thought they weren't delivering at all in Rockford but then I started typing in all kinds of addresses on State Street and I have discovered the dividing line is at State and Ridgeview, right near Goodwill.

While I understand that there's got to be a delivery area, there is most definitely a billboard touting Panera delivery West of that location and that's just a little bit rude, don't you think?

Also, do you think I can have Panera delivered to Goodwill and go pick it up there? Is that weird? Should I make friends with the employees there so they don't eat my food?

It's a tough life being a Panera fan.

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